How far you will go with Unu Motors?

I have been using Unu Motors’ elektrische scooter for quite some time now after my old scooter was accidentally damaged. I had great memories with my old scooter that I had the hard feeling of giving it up. I though at first it can still be salvaged but a friend told me I might as well buy a new one since there is this ongoing trend of electric scooters in our area.

Even if it was hard for me to let it go, I decided to sell it and buy a new one. And that’s what introduced me with Unu Motors’ electric scooter. Since I purchased the scooter, I never really regretted buying it.

Compared to my old scooter, which is run by gas, my Unu Motors vehicles is run by electricity. I do not need to go and find a gasoline station to fuel up. All I need is an outlet fit for my portable battery and charge it up for hours. The battery can actually last up to three days so I do not need to worry for days. This is actually perfect for my very busy schedule. I have a lot of meetings to attend to almost every week and the locations are situated in different parts of the city. With the endless traffic jams, polluted streets and sometimes rude passengers, I honestly just want find not so busy streets to drive in so I can avoid them.

I also love that my Unu Motor is so eco-friendly. Yes, it is! Just imagine if a lot of people will be using this kind of vehicle, Mother Earth will really be happy.


It’s That Panicking Time Of The Year Again

So I guess I’m in a little bit of a pickle, haha. You know, this happens every year. I get so confident about knowing my husband so well, and I’m sure that I know each of his ins-and-outs, until it’s his birthday. Until. It. Is. His. Birthday.

Every year! It just happens over and over again. I think I know him so well, and then when it comes time to buy him the one gift that shows how well I know him, I start to panic. I mean it could be so easy. I could just go to Survival Cooking, find the best ranked cooler or tent or grill, and buy that for him and say, look honey, you love cooking and camping and I am going to allow you to do that with great new toys.

Or, I could do something that he would never expect. That’s what I’ve been leading to this year. I was looking at all sorts of things that he is never talked about buying or talked about wanting, but I know that he would want them if he was given the opportunity. Things that he’s almost too shy to ask for. For example, I watch. He is far too shy and not vain enough to ask for a fashion accessory, even a practical one like a watch. However, I think that is exactly the kind of thing that he might want. I was looking at the best watches under 500, and I have to say that there are some that have his name written all over them. Not literally, but I could get it engraved!