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Seriously, Amazon Prime has a really valuable reputation, and there followers seem to be the ones who spread positive rhetoric about Amazon Prime the most often. They say there is no advertising like word of mouth, and I feel like Amazon Prime is really benefiting from that. And how do you manage to get good word-of-mouth? There is no other way than offering a superb product that is delivered well. And come in my opinion, Amazon Prime’s diverse amount of features does this perfectly. Perfectly perfectly perfectly. Yes, I absolutely suggest Amazon Prime, especially if you’re a student and you qualify for the discount, because it is a great value at that rate, no-questions-asked, it is top-notch.  So, a lot of people have been riding in to ask me if I think that Amazon Prime is the real deal. A lot of people are asking, hey, Is Amazon Prime worth it? In my opinion, it is absolutely worth it, and it too is not just my opinion either. In fact, every person that I have talked to who has used Amazon Prime, has been a strong advocate for the service. And I mean strong. This is not just people saying casually that they would suggest it, this is people saying that this is a service that will change your life. Seriously, the benefits from the service are huge. If you ever purchased anything from Amazon, then you will be getting your items a lot faster, and qualifying for all sorts of discounts. If you are into Netflix, Amazon streaming network is a membership benefit and it is almost as good as Netflix, in some ways better, as a matter of fact some series, like American Gods, have been receiving huge critical praise from all sorts of people.

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