As dancers, it is essential to live a healthy lifestyle because such activity requires more energy than the common needs of an individual.

With the rigid training that we have, it is very important that we eat the right food, avoid unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking, and sleep enough. We will be more prone to sickness if we do not practice healthy living because our body needs more attention due to all the workouts that we do. We basically just enjoyed doing  routine; it’s simple. We tried to find songs that are related to health; we used our previous routines, added some, and made sure that we showed the theme. We always checked what we needed to improve by watching our own videos of our routine and never stopped until we were satisfied with it.  The team also pursues their peers and supporters to live healthy by maintaining a healthy appearance despite all the training they undergo.  When asked how they are able to manage training and living healthy at the same time, they just answer them with one word—balance. It helps that we have some people who supports us and who gives us encouragement. One even gave a watch, he said it was the best wood watch, which served as our charm.

Gift Guide for Girls

Will you be giving gifts to your gal pals? As we all know, it is difficult to give gifts to girls as they have a lot of interests in life! You mother, your sister, your gal friends, and your significant others all have different interests so it is not wise to just give a random or general gift to everyone. Each give must be specific. Each gift must be coming from the heart as they will know if you really thought of them or you just want to give a present just to say you gave. But fret not, ladies! Here’s a guide for you when you want to give gifts for the girls of your lives.

Mother (cooking books, household items, appliances, baking products, cleaning products, realty magazine, housekeeping magazine, new kitchen wares, magazine subscription)

Friends (women’s magazine, wood watches (zegarki ones) skin care product, bags, shoes, beauty product, concert tickets)

Sister (Concert tickets, hair products, clothes, shoes, bags, travel gadgets, new furry friends, art materials

Time to take care of your appearance



This is the best Vitamin C serum on the market, too. I’ve tried quite a few of them since, just out of curiosity, but nothing smells as good, feels as good, and works as fast and consistently as this amazing serum. I’m seriously talking to everyone about this all the time, I’m recommending it to anyone that I hear is struggling with their skin or wants to get rid of scarring or wrinkles or anything along those lines, because I know how much of an impact it can have on our lives, it is a profound one. Yes, some people think that in the shallow to care about your appearance, but the fact of the matter is is that everybody cares about their appearance, and I love being able to have something that makes me feel better about myself, using totally organic and ethical products that have not been tested on animals, despite the fact that they are part of the Cosmetic industry, one at is quite Infamous for testing on animals. Seriously, I started to notice that these products were working like a charm four or five days after I started using them. Can you believe that?



Fast and reliable service

Seriously, Amazon Prime has a really valuable reputation, and there followers seem to be the ones who spread positive rhetoric about Amazon Prime the most often. They say there is no advertising like word of mouth, and I feel like Amazon Prime is really benefiting from that. And how do you manage to get good word-of-mouth? There is no other way than offering a superb product that is delivered well. And come in my opinion, Amazon Prime’s diverse amount of features does this perfectly. Perfectly perfectly perfectly. Yes, I absolutely suggest Amazon Prime, especially if you’re a student and you qualify for the discount, because it is a great value at that rate, no-questions-asked, it is top-notch.  So, a lot of people have been riding in to ask me if I think that Amazon Prime is the real deal. A lot of people are asking, hey, Is Amazon Prime worth it? In my opinion, it is absolutely worth it, and it too is not just my opinion either. In fact, every person that I have talked to who has used Amazon Prime, has been a strong advocate for the service. And I mean strong. This is not just people saying casually that they would suggest it, this is people saying that this is a service that will change your life. Seriously, the benefits from the service are huge. If you ever purchased anything from Amazon, then you will be getting your items a lot faster, and qualifying for all sorts of discounts. If you are into Netflix, Amazon streaming network is a membership benefit and it is almost as good as Netflix, in some ways better, as a matter of fact some series, like American Gods, have been receiving huge critical praise from all sorts of people.

Why Juju Supply is the best gift store

I love Juju supply. I find the juju supply.com is the best way of dealing with this, because you can give people of physical incarnation of these values that we wish we could provide people in the form of a gift. You can give people crystals or bracelets or rings that promise Tranquility, protection, and compassion in a way that you can’t really get across with a gift in so many situations. And I think that this is eternally valuable, and it provides such a meaningful service and gift idea for so many different people. Whether it’s a sapphire or courts base design, or anything like that, we can actually give people tools that can stimulate healing. Because it’s not just the gesture that’s important, it is also the fact that you’re giving a tool that, in many ways, promotes a step forward in the recovery process. Not only are things like protection and compassion promised within the token of these, but they also can be enhanced by the aura that these items are built to inbody. I’m a site like Juju supply.com uses certain stones and materials that are going to create a positive energy field, and they are expert enough to know exactly what kind of affect each of these metals and stones will have.

Practice and practice for the love of photography

I support modern Photography. I think that photography is the kind of thing that is better if everybody is practicing it, for many reasons. I mean, first of all, it’s great to give everybody that Medium to express themselves and get things done. But, also, there’s also another thing. I think, if there is a higher standard for photography, something new will come in and break that standard. It always seems to happen. So, if the average is higher, that means that the things that are above average will be better than the things that were above average 10 years ago. I guess that is, in some ways, a bit of a definition of the word progress. So, am I want to say that progress is a bad thing? No way. I think it’s a great thing, especially the wrong will photography and technology, which is something that I feel very strongly about. I feel strongly about this because I do believe that almost anyone can be a good photographer, but they just have to want to be good photographer. I don’t think it’s some kind of skill you’re born with. I think, if you have a desire to take photographs, you should be doing that, and that your contribution to the world of Photography could end up being very interesting. I guess I just believe in a world where people are allowed to follow their passions and do what they want, and I will always support that kind of behavior from anybody. Literally, anybody. And that’s not an over exaggeration. If anybody wants to be an artist, or Express themselves in a new way, I’m always the first ones Pat them on the back and support them. I know that the society we live in doesn’t always do that for people.

How far you will go with Unu Motors?

I have been using Unu Motors’ elektrische scooter for quite some time now after my old scooter was accidentally damaged. I had great memories with my old scooter that I had the hard feeling of giving it up. I though at first it can still be salvaged but a friend told me I might as well buy a new one since there is this ongoing trend of electric scooters in our area.

Even if it was hard for me to let it go, I decided to sell it and buy a new one. And that’s what introduced me with Unu Motors’ electric scooter. Since I purchased the scooter, I never really regretted buying it.

Compared to my old scooter, which is run by gas, my Unu Motors vehicles is run by electricity. I do not need to go and find a gasoline station to fuel up. All I need is an outlet fit for my portable battery and charge it up for hours. The battery can actually last up to three days so I do not need to worry for days. This is actually perfect for my very busy schedule. I have a lot of meetings to attend to almost every week and the locations are situated in different parts of the city. With the endless traffic jams, polluted streets and sometimes rude passengers, I honestly just want find not so busy streets to drive in so I can avoid them.

I also love that my Unu Motor is so eco-friendly. Yes, it is! Just imagine if a lot of people will be using this kind of vehicle, Mother Earth will really be happy.


It’s That Panicking Time Of The Year Again

So I guess I’m in a little bit of a pickle, haha. You know, this happens every year. I get so confident about knowing my husband so well, and I’m sure that I know each of his ins-and-outs, until it’s his birthday. Until. It. Is. His. Birthday.

Every year! It just happens over and over again. I think I know him so well, and then when it comes time to buy him the one gift that shows how well I know him, I start to panic. I mean it could be so easy. I could just go to Survival Cooking, find the best ranked cooler or tent or grill, and buy that for him and say, look honey, you love cooking and camping and I am going to allow you to do that with great new toys.

Or, I could do something that he would never expect. That’s what I’ve been leading to this year. I was looking at all sorts of things that he is never talked about buying or talked about wanting, but I know that he would want them if he was given the opportunity. Things that he’s almost too shy to ask for. For example, I watch. He is far too shy and not vain enough to ask for a fashion accessory, even a practical one like a watch. However, I think that is exactly the kind of thing that he might want. I was looking at the best watches under 500, and I have to say that there are some that have his name written all over them. Not literally, but I could get it engraved!

An Infographic about Diabetes

I am advocating for diabetes awareness and prevention. Did you know that millions of people worldwide are inflicted with diabetes every year? That is why it is important to know more about diabetes so that a lot of people will be aware and a lot of will also prevent it to happen especially through kids.

Diabetes can also cause a lot of other health conditions like hypertension, kidney complications, and obesity.

Good thing the American Diabetes Association has released this infographic for people to have easier understanding on the disease. Check this out!

I Will Beat My Diabetes

Everyone knows that I am diabetic. I have been diagnosed with the disease three years ago and I am on my way to fighting it. I know I still have a long way to go to help my family running our business website and I should keep on living healthily so I can live longer. I was also inspired by my dear realtor friend Dave Jenkins, who is living a healthy lifestyle that is really very amazing. He told me not to give up on my dreams and all that.

For people who think they are about to have diabetes, these are the symptoms:

  • You are thirsty always
  • You keep on eating and you can’t stop it
  • Your mouth feels dry
  • You have urinary tract infections
  • Weight loss, or sometimes, weight gain
  • Tiredness
  • Poor eyesight
  • Continued headaches

Though this is an irreversible disease, I know I can still live well with the disease. Here’s how you can too: